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The Emerging Trends in the App UI Space & How to Implement Them

The field of design and development has been witnessing rapid growth for the last few years. The mobile app development industry is evolving at a high speed. Every day, designers are facing new challenges and looking for new opportunities. To thrive better in this field, you need to stay updated with the latest trends and technologies. 

That’s why we have brought some of the emerging trends in the app UI and how you can implement them in your app model. 

Storytelling makes way

Nowadays, storytelling has become the foremost subject if you are willing to give a strong digital presence. Like other fields, storytelling is an important feature for the app UI field, too. By using a unique style of conveying the core message, you can engage your interface. 

Through the use of a soothing color as the primary color of the interface platform, intelligent typography designs, and engaging animation, UI designers can implement the storytelling process. 

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Using 3D Graphics and Animation

These days, 3D graphics work as eye catchers. Along with this, Animation is also a game-changer to app UI design. The combination of 3D graphics and Animation help to increase the appealing effect to users. They build a great impact, especially in VR and AR apps. 

An app UI design needs to be extremely eye-catching to fetch more traffic and audience. For this purpose, 3D graphics offer an excellent way to implement that. On the other hands, Animation adds another level to the visual appeal.

Simplicity is the key

When it comes to offering the user a friendly platform to explore, simplicity serves as the best option. Minimalism is in fashion now. You have to implement an interface where the design will be simple yet elegant, the look will be soothing yet stunning, and there will be plenty of options for the user to nurture more but with a minimal design. 

Functionality must be at the upfront place with simple designs. Simplicity in app UI design means a collection of design strategies, rather than being a single trend. Simple designs should have bold typography, minimalist and eye-soothing color palettes, classic font styles, and a dedicated area of whitespace.

Although we are talking about simplicity, simple yet elegant app UI design isn’t an easy cakewalk. Simple designs are not at all simple to create. First of all, it takes a lot of confidence to choose to design the platform interface with a simple minimalist approach. The designer should be careful while selecting every element. All of them have to be perfect for the platform. But it’s true that when the whole process is successfully implemented, it creates an aesthetic beauty all over, delivering a rich experience and graceful presentation.

Using Microinteractions

One of the trending features of this time in mobile app UI design is Microinteractions. It is an essential element of any digital product design that is willing to impact great. 

Microinteractions offer additional insight to users and often helps to gather valuable feedback. In the app designs, Microinteractions include animations that use interactive modules and intelligent response segment. It could be implemented using color changes to differentiate between states also. Microinteractions helps an app design to increase the functionality with multiple effects.

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Dark Themes is the latest fashion

Dark themes are one of the most used trends in the last few years. Some recently developed mobile apps have a special feature that provides an option to update the app interface to a dark theme by default.

Dark UI themes are on their ways to continue to grow in coming years as it has many advantages. One of the most important thing about using a dark theme is, it serves beyond the visual appeal. For some people whose eyes get stressed with overuse of electronic interface, dark themes help them to give their eyes a relaxing effect. 

Using Voice Interactions

This is an effective way to create a great impact on users by allowing them to interact with the app. It could be done through voice commands. Voice interactions help to open up a world full of possibilities providing nice interaction strategies and building an effective communication medium. 

Providing an option to make voice interactions using voice commands, the app offers an intelligent way to showcase the efficiency of building a nice app UI design as it gives the users a chance to avoid touch interfaces. Voice interactions provide a more improved development of the app model. Therefore, it is consistently growing its popularity. 

Closing Thoughts

In the coming years, the app UI design industry is rapidly growing with recent trends like using dark themes, building platforms with a dash of minimalism, a simplified interface, elegant colors and bold typography, and immersive contents with 3D effects and animations. 

To become a strong competitor and building a network, you just need to create a unique style and engaging user interface. Following the above trends, you can implement a great user interface that will offer a great impact on users. 

Published by Harikumaran SM

Sr. UI Designer

Harikumaran SM Sr. UI Designer