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Tips to Designing UI for Android

The art of designing UI for android lies on top of the checklist for making an android system that will not only replace an older version but create new standards in the world of AI.

UI designs which calibrate the workings of the android application will take the wheels and steer the user into a futuristic way of solving problems with the product. We need to understand the world of android UI before we step into creating UI designs for applications. Let us look into understanding the world of android UI.

What is the Android user interface?

The interface of an application is everything that a user interacts with and thus making it the more prominent aspect of a product. Android UI helps users build a relationship with the screens in a way which follows convenience in performing a task.

 Android itself comes with a variety of UI components built-in so it is our job to optimize what product or app you are selling. Android UI would be the changing factor for any device and this trend is not going anywhere. 

Designing UI for android is a hotcake kind of job which helps app builders really breathe life into the codes. This way, users will be able to engage better with their smartphones through the apps, resulting in a well-developed creation. 

Why is Android UI important?

It is like asking why we need an outfit that is comfortable and stylish to look at? The same way, Android UI is the pathway that connects user and product. Through this development, we can improve consistent customer traffic and improved engagement. 

UI designers have an important role in bringing out the best of codes into a form that is pleasing and comfortable. Users from all backgrounds will be able to use an application due to its ability to be interactive. 

One of the top aims of a company would be to attain maximum Return of Investment. Read more on the effect of designing UI for Android increases ROI here.

To put it in simple terms, UI/UX aims to bring about the customer engagement alive. As apps have reached the stages of advancement, one can only look for consistent engagement and interact to stay on board with an app among a zillion of the same kind. So, what makes your app stand out? This is the question that is answered by UI designing and thus showing the importance of designing UI for android.  

Components of Android UI

Let us understand the factors that must be considered while designing UI for android. The most important aspect would be the navigational flow of information presentation when it comes to building an app. Optimization happens when there is an ease in flow of information being presented on the app screen for the user to navigate themselves, seamless.

Secondly, we must take a look into consistency. Here, users expect a right flow while expecting something fancy that is relevant. The input controls have to be on top priority as it where the user carries their grievances.

Third, boosting an app with information is required but the presentation and relevancy of the same information to the user’s concerns are an important factor. 

Being part of the android system means to go beyond functionality and delivering it as a whole experience to the user. It is right for UI App designers to take inspiration from templates and layouts to see what works and what doesn’t. 

Tested tips for a developmental success

We all tend to look out the box but sometimes it is necessary to leave the box and step into a universe of endless opportunities. Understanding a bunch of tricks will help build an app for the future. 

Consistency is a must

We need to understand the concept of what consistency means. It does not mean we have to build the same thing but the delivery of the solution to the problem must be consistent no matter what touch of fab we add to the product. 

Create a Hierarchy of styles 

We do not wish to see a screen with all headers being the same style and font size. It is vital to be able to distinguish between the content of the application for better engagement and clarity for the users. 

Keep it Minimal

It is true when we say less is more. Take it from us, the basics of the world of AI came from scrappy hardware materials and now we have a full-polished version of the same AI on the tip of our hands. It is better to focus on content and usability than on heavy graphics and animation.

Knit it all up

Look for accessibility and uniqueness while building an app that will help users. Icons being an integral part, it is right to invest time into picking the apt ones. Designs must speak to the users hence having a UI design kit personal to you would be a handy tool. 

Understanding the vital components and having to indulge in bringing smart solutions to devices is the crux of designing UI for android. Learn more about Designing UI here.

Published by Ravina Malik

Sr. Visual Designer

Ravina Malik Sr. Visual Designer