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Top 5 Tools for Product Design that Every Designer Should Have

Understanding the tools product design is the key to building a product ready for high functioning service to its users. Product design is the cumulative process of ideating, designing, and iterating a device that will provide the ultimate user experience, which is solution-oriented. The building factor of any great product design team would be the ability to understand the problem to reach a solution, all while keeping up with the trends. 

Products-Designed for you

We have certainly moved to a stage where we find products in forms such as applications and appliances, but it is Design that makes a product.

Usability is the crux of the matter, but designing the best experience is a part of making a statement with your product. The User experience is what matters in a way that establishes a connection between product and user. This is where UI/UX comes into play to bring it all together. 

Design Thinking

What does it take to design a product? This would be a question that any UI/UX designer will be talking about. A way to crack your creative streak would be by understanding what a customer needs and then proceed to understanding how the same product can be made into something that gets the attention with the help of tools for product design. Design thinking is the way to visualize and build a product that is apt in its nature and easily user-friendly, all while making it the next “in-thing.” 

Why is it important?

Well, Product Design is the deal when it comes to innovation, and we don’t stop at just innovating a product. We focus on how to bring the product of our creativity to the table. Business thinking allows a product to have a shelf life where it can deliver to the users the experience that it was meant to provide. It Assesses a solution based on the problem at hand. Design thinking first, understands the problem, ideates a solution, empathizes and enhances the functionality, and takes over a bunch of problems at one go with one product. 

Excelling in Product Design

Let us talk about the importance of product design; we have reached a stage where focusing on design is the essence of creation and maintenance as well as user engagement. The design toolkit is something that one has to understand before he ventures into the world of product design. 

5 tools for effective product design

There are multiple tested tools that will help designers achieve the essence of UI/UX into products. Let’s talk about the top 5 tools for product design of 2021, starting with Figma.


A User interface oriented vector-based design software that is best for product design and easy to use is on top of the list due to its system that allows easy access in changing styles and layout and adding and adjusting grids and columns along with allowing to choose from pre-set device sizes adds to its core functionality. 


Illustrator has been the working saint for every designer and artist out there, adding so much to their lives and, in turn, being able to create an array of systems and visuals that really set the bar for design when it first came out and continues to do the same.

Noun project

This icon creator program comes with a varied set of sizes, designs, and styles that take the interface and appearance to the next level. Get icons that fit your needs and bring out your style, create and ideate the same way. This independent vector application is a game-changer. 


The classic graphical design tool that sparks creativity like a blank canvas ready to be filled is a notable tool in product design that allows the creation of an interface that is solely solution-based and makes it fabulous. Photoshop is the core of any creative design. 

Adobe XD

Adobe Xd is a fast and powerful tool for product design. It has several tools that turn your imagination into reality. It helps you design websites, apps, and so much more. This tool creates high definition design for any type of screen. You can add different animations and build interactive prototypes. Once your design is ready, Adobe XD also helps you collect valuable feedback. It is made by designers for future designers. It has everything that a designer needs. 

Every designer must be aware of the tools for product design that will make their job all the better and tweak their creative skills by adding to it. These sets of help and guidelines will assure success in building a product that is high functioning and efficient. We need to understand the steps involved in the product design process. The idea is to research information architecture, adding visuals, creating a brand, and testing or prototyping the product.

Published by Venky Hariharan

Lead UX Designer

Venky Hariharan Lead UX Designer