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5 Tools for UI Designing In Android

A designer’s dream is to deliver the right design to the users successfully and elegantly. But, the method of UI designing in Android takes tons of diligence and extensive knowledge. A designer’s mind is usually trying to find great opportunities to form the most successful designs. As said, there’s always something to rescue you once you are trapped in confusion. So, here are some excellent tools that make UI designing in Android devices a smoother and more enjoyable experience!

With the assistance of those great UI tools, designers pave the way for their dream to turn into a reality.

1. Sketch

With an intuitive interface and many thoughtful features, Sketch helps the user to bring attention to designing incredible products.

It provides a set of pixel-perfect icons with scalable vector graphics. Sketch turns into an ideal place for the users to style, create, test and iterate.

It offers interactive prototypes with a huge collection of reusable and responsive components that helps the designers to automatically scale to suit their content.

One of the simplest features of Sketch is it gives the designer a chance to choose from many plugins and integrations that help in animating interactions and designing with live data.

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2. Mockplus

Mockplus provides the user with an all-in-one product design platform aimed to style in faster and more innovative ways. It is an easy and rapid prototyping tool with a keen eye for effective collaboration and scalable design systems.

Mockplus is one of the simplest tools for UI designing in Android by providing an exclusive and comprehensive collection of mobile application interface design components. With a vast library for iOS and Android app prototyping, it takes less time to ideate the mobile prototype.

Mockplus provides a set of rich pre-built components, templates, and icons for devices like Android, iOS phones and tablets. It helps in building clickable app wireframes with no repetitive work. Mockplus provides many awesome features to offer the user a far better experience within the design process.

One can streamline design in Mockplus with the help of UI flow, Mind Map, and Project Tree. 

3. InVision

InVision is a unified platform that helps the user in every step of the design: from ideation to development. It offers a blank canvas or pre-built templates to collaborate on an endless digital whiteboard in a real-time experience.

InVision provides a chance to attach the user’s workflow with essential integrations and serves a greater purpose for UI designing in Android devices.

One of the most unique features of InVision is that it allows the user to figure out the prevailing tools and helps to streamline the whole process of development. Another attraction of InVision is the Design System Manager. It helps to attach design and code to supply the team a better and faster approach to figure final products in sync.

InVision has introduced a replacement platform called InVision Studio where the designer can implement every step of the method ranging from Design and prototype to animate—all in one place.

InVision Studio has many intuitive drawing capabilities. They are mainly vector-based. This platform makes it easy for each designer to show ideas into robust design with the assistance of an infinite canvas and versatile layers.

4. Zeplin

Zeplin is documented for its organized workspace to publish designs. The simplest thing about Zeplin is here the whole team can collaborate to style beautiful products together. It takes care of the planning by generating accurate tailored specs, assets and code snippets.

With the assistance of Zeplin, the user can publish finalized designs from other places like Figma, Sketch, Photoshop and Adobe XD.

Zeplin creates style guides so as to arrange components, colors and text styles. It provides link style guides to multiple projects. Thus, Zeplin enables designers to reference the user’s design system across all of the projects. The best thing about Zeplin is that every member of the team can access the newest design resources and obtain notification of changes without the user’s intervention.

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5. Figma

Figma may be a free and lightweight online UI tool that’s used with a purpose to make, collaborate, prototype, and handoff. It allows multiple users to look at and edit the file at an equivalent time or sometimes, asynchronously.

One important feature of Figma is that it is fast to use and doesn’t need to be installed so as to use or share files. Its Team Libraries help in creating design systems with the power of linked UI components. It also provides styles that will be used across all of the projects.

Figma offers the designers a chance to insert shared components into the planning files of the team and obtain notification when any change is formed to shared components.

Figma is popular within the field of UI designing in Android devices for its easy to use interface that takes less time to implement the project with its pre-made assets and UI kits.


A designer must be skilled with an eye fixed to intricate details of the designs with a desire to represent the creative thoughts from the mind to make them a reality.

The UI design tools are there to form the method of UI designing in Android devices faster and easier by delivering an all-in-one solution for the designers.

Ankita Sharma