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UI UX Design Examples for Inspiration: Product Design

An increasing number of individuals are talking about UX (user experience) and also how it can create a difference in the crowded marketplace right now. UX, at its core, is regarding considering the requirements of the folks that will be using the product which you are designing and then placing the users at the core of the designing process. The concept is quite abstract, and therefore, we will take a close look at how proper UX design appears through some concrete product design examples.

1. Rover: making use of reviews for building trust

For many dog owners, their pets happen to be an integral part of their family. Therefore, when you are going to leave your residence without your adorable pet, who can you have faith in taking care of your furry friend? This will be exactly where Rover comes into play, and it becomes quite simple for you to choose a sitter for your pooch. You will be helped by online testimonials as well as photo updates for making the right decision. Rover comprehends the fact that trust is extremely important when it comes to leaving your pet at the hands of a stranger for a few days during your absence.

2. Stripe

Stripe happens to be one of the most remarkable product design examples out there. Their page design is second to none in terms of leveraging design for driving the eyes of the users to specific content. It is likewise quite simple to scan content given that their webpages feature plenty of space; however, they do not appear to be empty because of the usage of interesting design elements. 

It is the micro-interactions which help to make their site so unique. While moving the mouse across the main navigation horizontally, the menu content will be sliding in and out so as to match the behavior of the user. While hovering the mouse on top of a button, it is going to raise a number of pixels for indicating that it is interactive. The gifs which are responsible for introducing sections on the homepage aid in drawing your eyes down the page without getting distracted from the content.

Although these small particulars are adequate for keeping the user engaged, they are not excessively blatant which can make the users concentrate on the design instead of the information presented.

3. Amilia

This website performs a fantastic job by speaking to its personas directly and aiding the users in finding pertinent content instantly. This helps to make Amilia one of the finest product design examples out there. For instance, all the menu items consist of a short description of what the page is going to talk about. While the section labels are quite simple to understand, this additional information offers context to the users so that they will be able to figure out whether the section is pertinent to them.

Besides this, the website of Amilia provides the visitors with lots of opportunities to self-segment. For instance, there are a couple of paths that can be taken by a visitor right on top of the fold on the homepage: one intended for companies trying to control the platform and the other meant for the end-users trying to register for an activity.

One will also get an identical opportunity of self-segmentation on the pricing page where it will be feasible for the prospects to choose their type of business from a drop-down menu and also view personalized content according to their requirements. Although the drop-down needs an additional click, it is able to improve the experience of the visitors in the long run by providing them with relevant info only.

4.  Dynamic Yield

The product of Dynamic Yield happens to be a personalization application and is one of the most intriguing product design examples that we will be mentioning here. One notable positive aspect of the website of Dynamic Yield is its usage of video content. They have done an outstanding job by combining the videos with text. Any video is going to be effective in case individuals actually watch it. Consequently, it will be a sensible idea to pair videos with adequate text so as to create the best UX which has been done by the website of Dynamic Yield, and this has been confirmed by the user reviews on the homepage.


User experience happens to be a combo of design, user interface, and content. While looking at the layout of all the product design examples mentioned above, you will observe that all of them leverage plenty of empty space for the convenience of the users. This enables them to make use of their design for drawing the eyes of the visitors down the page and in the direction of the most relevant content. Lastly, their content is actually directed to the users and not centered on their business.  

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