The New Onething- A UX UI design company

With the experience of designing 100 + products, we thought it would be pretty easy for us to rebrand and redesign ourselves. But boy, were we wrong? For a seasoned team of fine designers, with several awards up our sleeves; it was honestly quite challenging but super fun. I think we as ‘experience designers’ are […]

UI best practices

Elements on the user interface are often considered the defining factor of the most popular websites or apps in use today. Unlike UX, interface design is a visible, distinguishable and tangible part of the UI design. A good UI makes the product experience more memorable, distinguishable and relatable to the target users. What separates a […]

UX Design Career: Best Practices

The business landscape has undergone a landslide change. Brick and mortar stores and retail establishments are no longer considered the most accessible consumer touchpoints; the window to the user’s soul is now the mobile phone. This change in user behavior has also catapulted many careers into prominence, one of which is UX design. As per […]

What does a UI Designer do?

As we’ve mentioned before in our article on Top 10 questions around UX and UI, User Interface design revolves around the various screens and sensory touch points through which a user engages with the application. Hence the UI design process will differ from product to product depending on the user we’re hoping to cater to. […]

Top 5 Principles of UX Design

User experience design is a product-specific discipline. User Experience design is the language of interaction between users and the products they use. It is concerned with understanding each layer of user perception and decision-making. Before embarking on a product journey, it’s important to know who we are building for, what purpose does it serve and […]