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Client Introduction

Revolt Motors is disrupting the Indian automotive sector with a set of revolutionary electric sportbikes feature-packed with swappable batteries that allow riders to go from 0-100% charge in 60 seconds. Along with the bikes, Revolt is introducing a groundbreaking ecosystem based on constant internet connectivity which can be accessed through the versatile companion app. 

Design Challenges


Revolt wanted to benchmark the automotive sector through design.


The app had to be intuitive, usable, and fun. It had to familiarise users with the ecosystem and possibilities they could explore as the owners of a Revolt bike.


The app design had to provide the Revolt team with a style guide which could be used across their marketing, sales, brand and internal communications.

Insights From User Research

We researched the millennial urban commuters who were in the middle-income group. The three key insights were:

  • For most millennial bike owners, the look and feel of the product matters is of primary importance. 
  • 84% of electric vehicle owners mention “long charging time” in the top three everyday issues 
  • 38% of users state that they would prefer to buy an electric vehicle over other traditional vehicles.

Design Strategy – UX

In order to best reproduce all the desired functionality from the mobile app, we created and applied a Core-Mantle-Crust approach to the overall Information Architecture. The Core includes functionalities directly affecting the bike such as features to change the bike’s sound or view the bike’s current properties such as location or estimated range. The Mantle includes functionalities resulting from the ecosystem’s aggregation and interpretation of Core functionalities, such as information of your location, trip history and battery swap history. The Crust comprises all elements typically required to complete the app such as onboarding, menu, payment methods, et cetera.

Visual Language

The app design was based entirely on shades of black and pure white to convey a sense of modernism and class complemented by a shade of green that represented the “electric” element of the brand. These elements also served a subtle callback to the famously futuristic (and digital) Tron bikes. 


Throughout the app, we only used one typeface – the minimal, wide, and geometric Montserrat in uppercase to give the text a generously blocky look and a futuristic angle. The majority of the screens and elements were designed to give the appearance of stacked blocks beside each other, interchanging colours between black and white to add a sense of dynamism and contrast to the entire experience. The electric green served as a common anchor between the two themes.

An epic


With, we observed the balance between
the two co-founders and their team’s freedom of
expression. Usually, with design studios, it’s
founder-driven, and all ideas stem only from the top. We
didn’t find that with Getting over creative roadblocks and complex design problems are easy with
their team.”

Saurabh Sharma
Head of Product Design at Revolt Motors

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