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Client Introduction

As the name suggests, is an online gaming application that allows remote players to engage in an online game of poker. is an online venture spearheaded by the gaming giant Baazi Games.

Design Challenges


Revamp the website design to bring its brand language closer to the redesigned app.


Improve brand positioning on the website to attract a premium audience of serious and skilled poker players.


Improve the user journey of new and existing users on the platform.


Troubleshoot usability concerns and decrease customer support requests for the PokerBaazi game.

Research Insights

We undertook a user survey to understand the users, their demographics, their preferences, their playing style, and their motivation for playing poker online and subsequently created user buckets and personas to understand the audience better. Here are the results we gathered:

  • Competitor poker apps fail to attract skilled poker players due to conflicting brand messaging that position the game as a way to make quick money.
  • All competing apps utilize promotional offers and rewards to encourage sign-ups and increase user retention.
  • Usability concerns, lack of understanding of payment metrics, and low user engagement across the platform lead to complaints and negative reviews on customer support forums.
  • Well-incentivized loyalty programs improve the active player count across all gaming apps.


We created three distinct user personas; those who are logged out, those who have logged in but have not deposited anything, and regular players. We created context-specific content and hierarchy for each of these personas and adjusted the user journeys based on the kind of user and nudged them towards their immediate needs. The logged-out user was prompted to sign-up and login while the signed-in user was prompted to fill out details to complete the profile and add money to start playing. 

The brand messaging on the homepage was kept clean and professional to attract skilled players; the central positioning of the banner asserts Pokerbaazi’s image of being a licensed and trusted player in the larger unorganized online gaming space. The homepage also includes a video of a poker tutorial to encourage upskilling of existing poker players and increase engagement among logged out users. We redesigned the global navigation by eliminating nested items and improving the categorization of various links, which improved usability across the website and allowed easy access to customer support at all times.

For regular players, we’ve simplified the user experience to reduce the number of steps involved between signing in and playing a game. We revised the taxonomy and usage of buttons to reduce redundancy and deliver more consistent, relevant, and concise information to the user, reducing their cognitive load and increasing the speed with which they process and act upon the information provided.



We designed the color palette and card formats to lend to the platform’s messaging of facilitating reliability and trustworthiness. To convey professionalism & trustworthiness, we avoided the use of gambling imagery and flashy colors and selected a combination of royal blue and white to communicate a safe, meaningful, and pleasant experience for a user. All CTAs were designed within alternating red, white, and blue boxes to improve content legibility and conversion.

With judicious use of icons and illustrations, we’ve created easy to recognize icon styles and vibrant visuals which not only position PokerBaazi as a superior product but also creates a section hierarchy which is intuitive. We’ve incorporated sufficient white space which makes the platform lighter and reduces the cognitive load on the player. 

We’ve added various visual elements to create memorability and brand distinction in the eyes of the user. The interactions and affordances have been kept simple but intuitive to create a flow that works across all devices.  



Their knowledge of, and approach to design was comprehensive, and focused. Moreover, they made us a part of the entire process as well.”

Rituraj Phukan
Marketing Manager, Baazi Games

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