Supr Daily


UX Research, UX and UI Design, Usability Testing

Client Introduction

Supr Daily is a daily subscription-based micro-delivery service focussed on monetizing every urban household’s morning errand routine. The product leverages the power of the milk railroad to deliver eggs, bread, fruits, veggies, and other groceries to the user’s doorstep by placing an order online by 11 pm to get groceries delivered by 7 am.

Design Challenges


The product categorisation needed to ensure ease of use.


The user experience needs to build a positive perception towards a contactless delivery, ie, without the usual interaction with a delivery executive.


The design must emphasise and enable precision in address communication and location accuracy among first-time users.

UX Research

We interviewed users who manage groceries on behalf of their families and were comfortable with mobile applications. Following insights were drawn:

  • People struggle to restock milk and fresh groceries every day due to constraints of time and money. 
  • People plan meals, a day in advance. 
  • People buy a list of staples daily or every alternate day. 
  • People frequent specialty restaurants to experience a wider culinary spread. 
  • Many people consult cooking shows & recipe videos on YouTube to cook for the families.
  • People are aware of price variations across platforms and are likely to switch loyalties for discounts.


Supr Daily is not an on-demand grocery delivery app; instead, it’s a paid subscriptions service that delivers staples at a pre-decided fixed time every day. The onboarding flow was leveraged to communicate the service differentiation and set the right expectation from the very beginning.

Milk and dairy products are the USP of Supr Daily; hence, dairy as a category is prioritised and displayed ahead of all others.  Subsequently, a distinct product categorization has been created for all other groceries in order to facilitate easy browsing.


We incorporated the teal colour palette and the modern font family ‘Cabin’ to offer a unique identity and an easily recognizable interface to the brand design. We used a combination of line icons along with illustrations to ensure the experience is a visually engaging one. At the same time, visual cues were expertly placed to ensure that the emphasis is always on the product. 



“Onething’s team was deployed at our HQ in Bengaluru for the due course. It helped us in multiple internal workshops and sprints to design, produce, test and iterate. Their team has a stunning ability to deliver in complex use cases. They use straight thinking and effective improvisation of design principles.”

Ravish Malik
Senior Product Designer, Swiggy

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