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Client Introduction

Disprz is a self-contained learning platform that enables companies to create and administer eLearning and skill development courses and tutorials to internal employees.

Design Challenges


To facilitate employee growth through interactive learning modules such as quizzes, questionnaires, courses, and tutorials. 


To enable white-labeling, customization, and branding of the platform as per the needs of the B2B client.


To drive engagement on the platform using social boosts and promote collaboration, competition, and group learning.


To allow both managers and employees to track their progress.

Research Insights

Existing white-labeled Learning Management Systems(LMS) posed the following problems for companies:

  • Limited flexibility and customization to suit varying corporate requirements.
  • Lack of seamless integration with courses from leading educational platforms like Udemy, Coursera, Udacity, et cetera.
  • Restrictions on brand fluidity within the LMS to reflect the look and feel of the parent brand and other internal systems.


The user flow of the platform is divided into learner and trainer profile modules. Each end-user can sign into the respective mobile and web dashboards and access features mapped out to serve respective goals. 

The home screen on the learner dashboard displays the progress metrics in the form of a progress bar and a score rating. These metrics are calculated taking into account factors like the number of courses taken, speed and accuracy of completion, and retention of information tested through random questionnaires and revisions. Employees can also view and register for exclusive offline training events conducted across the organization through a calendar.

To improve interactivity and group learning, a leaderboard is also shown to the learners on the main dashboard. This performance bulletin gamifies the learning experience by highlighting the best performers within their department and the organization. Each skill “category” features a social feed and forum where both trainers and learners can post articles, links to relevant content, tips/tricks, updates, as well as create and participate in learning-based competitions and challenges. Through this feed, employees can also recommend courses and skills to other employees within the organization. 

The home screen for the Trainers’ / Managers’ dashboard provides access to a “skill creation” dashboard which enables the seamless upload of relevant questions, videos, and other content material required for new course creation. In addition, they have access to an analytics dashboard that tracks the progress of their teams and their upskilling progress and feedback on the usage of the courses that they’ve created or recommended. 



The entire platform was designed using modules that can be integrated or removed from the platform as and when necessary. Likewise, the UI elements like headers and sidebars are designed to be modular in nature, allowing easy stacking and access as features and skills are added or removed from the platform. 

To allow white-labeling, the entire UI uses two primary shades, which can be changed as per the organization’s requirements. Other colors to denote success/failure/caution indicators are fixed to avoid any issues with miscommunication on states. The platform is free from custom comments, branding, and/or illustrations to further improve host-brand integration; only a customizable style guide is provided to maintain content legibility.





We entrusted onething with the onerous task of doing a UX revamp of our flagship live delivery module, which was complicated because it was rich with features. Onething design did a very good job of first getting their hands around the requirements and came up with a design that was elegant, contemporary and one which also reflected our sensibilities and requirements. At every step along the way, they ensured the product team and founders were on board.”

Subbu Viswanathan
Co-Founder and CEO, Disprz

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