UX Research, UX and UI Design, Usability Testing

Client Introduction

UnitXPro is a proprietary technology solution that supports various processes and systems in total unit management, including proactive management of unit incidents, case tracking, and contingencies of storage and logistics units.

Design Challenges


To create a management system that allows unit managers to plan their day and track the daily deliverable of the unit employees.


To design a dashboard that aids informational accessibility for instant decision making.


To devise an event tracker that optimizes capacity, efficiency, and turnaround time.


To provide reports and data points about the overall functioning of a unit to external stakeholders wherever required.

UX Research

We interviewed various employees such as unit managers, senior engineers, drivers, and floor workers to understand their daily challenges and pain points and gauge underlying issues with the internal process. Here is what we found:

  • There is no centralized platform to host and sync data relating to employees, vendors, their respective finances, and facility-related information. 
  • Employees log this information on different devices locally.
  • Retrieving data from individual devices is subject to access to the particular device.
  • Unit Managers need a system to delegate tasks lists and reduce turnaround time for task completion and service requests.


The primary focus of the dashboard lies squarely on the creation of a centralized overview of the unit for the unit manager. We defined one singular user journey, ie, that of a unit manager who can assign tasks to team members and monitor their subsequent activity. Employees have selective access to different areas of information on the dashboard based on their rank and scope of work. 

To improve information accessibility across the platform, we’ve created a linear architecture with easy access tabs that help the user between important information seamlessly. The unit manager can get a quick snapshot of all impending tasks and requests on the dashboard homepage. A section outlining important upcoming events and milestone announcements has also been demarcated on the homepage.


The dashboard needed to be approachable and professional so we stuck with solid colors. To make our design more inclusive, we picked an orange-blue color palette to facilitate high contrast and hence, accessibility and ease of use to the vision impaired. Our criteria for font selection was very specific, i.e., the font we chose needed to be flexible enough to incorporate Latin and Arabic letters. The Executive Council of Dubai and Microsoft has created a specific font, ‘Dubai’ for this purpose.

 We kept the iconography simple by presenting line icons with splashes of the parent color. Across the dashboard, there are standard color-coded tags to alert users to different levels of urgency across requests and tasks.