UX and UI Design

Client Introduction

XACT Global Services has a proven expertise in project and process management. It coaches organizations and leadership on the benefits of agile transformation and helps teams reduce wasted effort and turnaround time by making the transition effective and seamless.

Design Challenges


The website design needs to demonstrate XACT’s expertise in agile transformation.


The user experience must arouse curiosity in the target group and drive engagement with XACT experts in events, seminars, coaching, and conferences.


The landing page and CTAs must be optimized to aid B2B lead generation and conversion.

UX Research

  • Agile organizations have a 70 per cent chance of being in the top quartile of organizational health, the best indicator of long-term performance. (McKinsey)
  • Even though three-quarters of young companies (<25 years) claim to be following Agile methodology, only 28% of them have actually found to be centred around the principles of agile – ergo there is a large gap in most organisations between their understanding of agile and their actual practices.


Before engaging an agile transformation consultancy, potential clients want to ascertain XACT’s credibility and competency in project and process management. Hence, our primary design goal was to present this information to business leaders and decision-makers in a structured and efficient manner. 

The homepage was designed to highlight XACT’s subject matter expertise in helping businesses transition to the agile method. The hero section explicitly states XACT’s core mission by complementing the colorful visual imagery with an outline of the process and services provided by XACT. The next section dives directly into events and training, enumerating the volume of diverse events that XACT actively conducts across the globe with renowned agile transformation experts at the helm.

The next section addresses a potential lead’s primary concern: “Is the agile model effective in removing business process redundancies”? To answer this pressing concern, we display use-cases of industries that XACT has transformed prominently throughout the page. Subsequently, the next section showcases a collection of client testimonials to further boost credibility; we leveraged well-known names such as Atlassian and scrum.org, who have long been considered the pioneers of the agile model to demonstrate direct advocacy of XACT’s capabilities as an agile transformation service.

In the last section, XACT finally asks the potential lead to evaluate whether their organization needs agile transformation, and where they currently feature in terms of agility. The rest of the website includes pages such as the ‘About Us’, ‘Services’ and ‘Events’ pages that are structured holistically to provide a detailed overview of the company.


We used the primary shade of purple provided by XACT (used in the logo) and paired it with a vibrant shade of green. The purple conveys creativity and expertise while the green communicates success, positivity, and growth. We picked the geometric font (Proxima Nova) to create a readable and well-aligned interface responsive across a range of sizes and display devices.  

XACT wanted to differentiate itself from enterprise-level consultancies like Accenture and EY that use stock imagery of people working in standard environments; hence we applied custom illustrations throughout the breadth of the website generously. The illustrations also allowed XACT to convey crucial elements of the agile process without appearing too diagrammatic and keeping an emphasis on the human side of organizations. For this reason, most of the illustrations used light pastel shades and emphasized on humans working on the processes rather than showcase the processes themselves. 

We also provided the XACT team a custom library of components to keep the design consistent across all pages of the website on all kinds of devices, and to ensure that XACT has a scalable and modular architecture that can be easily modified and added upon in the years to come.



“Onething’s team is responsive and understands the approval cycles at a large organization’s end.”

Meetu Singh
Director, Agile Transformation and Consulting Xebia, India

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